How we are paid

We normally arrange a Discovery meeting, which is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss your current situation, your worries and concerns as well as what you want to achieve and then establish whether we are able to assist with your needs and objectives.

We have a transparent fee-based approach to charges which we will discuss with you during our first meeting. We distinguish between giving financial advice and effecting transactions. Having received financial advice from us, clients are under no obligation to effect any transactions. Ours fees take account of the time spent, or likely to spend in carrying out the research and the work required, the complexity of the work, the skills of the person doing it and our liabilities and regulatory obligations in respect of the work. We also offer our clients the opportunity to retain the services of JCF to regularly review the performance and suitability of your financial arrangements.

JCF offer whole of market advice on all services with the option of a payment by “fees only”.