How we work

As Independent Financial Advisers we are free to advise on financial products available from all product providers. We use advanced computer software and our years of financial experience to research, compare and select the most suitable deals currently available to maximize the benefits to our clients. We will help you to review your existing financial situation and reach a realistic assessment of your needs taking into account any specific plans and targets you may have.

Our first consultation is free while we find out together if it is worth progressing. There is no charge and no obligation at this stage and you will receive professional independent advice. During this meeting we will provide you with our Welcome Pack which includes

Business Card
Data Protection information
Proposition Summary
Essential Proposition
Rebal Proposition
Tailored Proposition
Keyfacts about our Services & Costs
Fee Menu/work schedule
Client Agreement
Services and Payment Agreement

This information is provided in the first meeting so that prior to any business being transacted our relationship is clearly stated and understood.

We pride ourselves on offering clear and comprehensive solutions and believe that independent financial advice is essential to ensure that you are making the right decisions when planning your financial future. We understand that continuing support is a vital part of your long-term financial planning as well as being able to pick out any poor performers as quickly as possible. We therefore provide ongoing financial advice giving you peace of mind that you have retained the services of JCF and have an independent financial adviser to regularly review the performance and suitability of your financial arrangements.