“What, if anything, should I be doing with my pensions? Am I paying too much in charges? Should I be looking at a SIPP? What do I do – income draw-down, or buy an annuity? How often should I review my pensions to ensure that they remain in line with my projected needs?”

With correct planning you should be able to look forward to a financially secure retirement. You can consolidate, review, leave or transfer your pensions in order to achieve better performance or lower charges or both – or to align your pensions with an enhanced investment strategy. At retirement, you can choose to buy an annuity or opt for income draw-down. What are the pros and cons? The differences are significant and the right decision will depend on many individual factors.

Pensions are particularly good products for tax-conscious people as it will allow you to provide for your retirement in a tax efficient manner, however this is intended as a long-term investment and under current Inland Revenue practice it is not normally possible to access the fund prior to the age of 55.

We will also look at your attitude to risk and capacity for loss to create a risk profile, this will enable us to match your pension portfolio of funds accordingly.

Many of our client’s would like their investments to be actively managed and reviewed regularly. For those client’s we suggest that every three months we rebalance your portfolio so the percentage spilt between each of the sectors remains constant unless our model changes (in which case we would inform you).

This would mean that your risk profile should remain constant throughout the term of your pension and would stay inline with the risk profile of your portfolio as from inception.

Furthermore we would monitor each of the funds in your portfolios every three months.  If these funds are performing to the specific criteria we have set then they will remain in the portfolio.  If any of the funds fall outside our criteria we will switch them out of your portfolio and replace with another fund that does fit our criteria.

This should lead us to a position where your portfolios have some of the best funds available in each of the sectors.