“Do I need life cover? Should I have more? Perhaps I even need less? Have I got the right type? Can I get what I’ve already got cheaper? I have heard a lot about critical illness and income protection – I am not sure I understand what they are, and how they might apply to me.”

Both businesses and individuals may need insurance protection of various kinds. It takes experience to discern the right amount and type of cover required, the right products to look at, and the crucial areas of small print to read and understand.

Many people are aware of the need for life insurance but they should also consider critical illness/sickness insurance. Improvements in health screening and advances in medical science mean people are being diagnosed much sooner and are surviving critical illnesses for much longer.

Treatment of illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease are constantly improving. Today, people survive and make a good recovery from conditions they would have died from twenty years ago.

It is important to regularly review the protection policies that you have in place. As your personal situation changes, your requirements will also change. We may find that there are better protection policies available, either a more competitive premium, or a better product offering an increased benefit for the same price. Whether protecting your family or your business interests, most people agree that the invaluable peace of mind which comes from protecting your assets is worth every penny should the worst happen.

We believe it is equally important to ensure you protect your current standard of living as it is to enhance your future financial position and so we offer a comprehensive “Protection Review” service. We can provide you with the necessary advice and because we are independent we can arrange the most appropriate cover, from the whole of the marketplace.

Whether you feel you are adequately protected or whether you have never considered protecting you or your family, call JCF for a “Protection Review.”