“I have a sum of money, and I wonder if I could be doing something more beneficial with it? I am paying a fair amount of tax on my investments – I wonder if there is a way round that. Is my overall investment strategy correct for my short and long-term needs? In simple terms, can I make more money from my investments?”

It is important to work out your investment objectives first – do you need income, or is capital growth the main aim? You need to be aware that the tax status of an investment can greatly affect the net return. Among the array of unit trusts, bonds, ISAs, and onshore and offshore opportunities, we have to make sure that you choose the right investment portfolio for you.

Wealth can be destroyed more easily than it can be created. Often the threats to it are not immediately apparent, even to experts and regulators.

We specialise in creating and protecting your wealth. We will never claim to do something we can’t, but will always do what we say we can do to a superior standard. Years of knowledge, weeks of analysis, hours of reading and pages of research are condensed and utilised to give you the most thorough and carefully, expertly considered financial guidance.

In our view it is as important to preserve wealth as well as to grow it and we will seek to diversify your assets over all the main asset classes and across a range of fund managers, so your overall position should remain sound, come what may.

We will also look at your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss to create a risk profile, this will enable us to match your portfolio of funds accordingly.

Please note that investments will fluctuate and there is the potential for losses as well as gains. Also past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Many of our client’s would like their investments to be actively managed and reviewed regularly. For those client’s we suggest that every three months we rebalance your portfolio so the percentage spilt between each of the sectors remains constant unless our model changes (in which case we would inform you).

This would mean that your risk profile should remain constant throughout the term of your investments and would stay inline with the risk profile of your portfolio as from inception.

Furthermore we would monitor each of the funds in your portfolios every three months. If these funds are performing to the specific criteria we have set then they will remain in the portfolio. If any of the funds fall outside our criteria we will switch them out of your portfolio and replace with another fund that does fit our criteria.

This should lead us to a position where your portfolios have some of the best funds available in each of the sectors.

As masters of this area you will have the advantage of specialist solutions designed to do exactly what you need them to do.