John and Wendy Amey

Member of The HG Practice Group “Feel better faster”

“A year ago, my husband John and I went to see Kit, and handed over a very large and utterly confusing bundle of pension files, together with a very small pot of cash to invest.

We saw Kit last week for a review and we took along a note of a couple of questions about pension transfer rights. Kit said, “Well… before we get to that, lets just have a look at how your investments have fared.”

As he read out the figures and we looked at the valuation schedule, we were amazed.

For fifteen years we had seen our investment in pensions and the like drop like a stone. Our investment with Kit has increased in value by a whopping 44% in one year.

Thank you Kit!”

Gavin Waite – Steel & Co

“Financial planning is something that I had never given due consideration prior to our first meeting sometime ago.

Health is something that we all at times take for granted, however following that meeting it became apparent to me exactly how vulnerable my future wife and business was should I ever become seriously ill.

Following the review of current policies some important flaws were noted and brought to my attention, we decided to take new policies out that provided us with much better cover, for the same price.

Following several meetings (of which Kit remained very patient), I am now able to have total peace of mind that my business is properly insured against the usual things such as keymen and cross option. We have also arranged pensions, investments and mortgages through JCF who at the same time have taken into account the changes ahead in my personal life.

I cannot speak highly enough of the professional yet personal and ongoing service that is being provided not only to Steel & Co but to myself and the future Mrs Waite…”

Jeremy France – Jeremy France Jewellers

“I have known Kit for some 15 years, not just through business and the Chamber of Commerce, but socially and through membership of the Round Table. When it became apparent my bank could not offer me the help and advice I needed to handle my personal savings and pensions, I approached Kit Finney as a person I felt I could really trust. He did not let me down. With huge increases in value during the good years and careful administration and sound advice through the hard years, he always brought my balance sheet back up to a healthy level.

I have successfully recommended Kit Finney and JCF Financial to many friends and will continue to do so.”

Derek Collinson

Seven years ago I decided that I needed the advice and support of a firm of financial advisers. I met several firms, but opted for JCF Financial on two grounds. Establishing a good rapport as well as recognising perceived trust, integrity and a warmth of character were uppermost. Secondly, I then judged that a small firm would give me personal service ‘on tap’.

Over the past six years the points that I had considered key have been maintained fully, and time has also borne out their level of professionalism.

Kit Finney is an important person for my family. He advises me on the majority of my assets and I have been well pleased, given that no adviser could have produced top rate surplus returns in the past 12 months!

Kit is pro-active and right on top of current trends and financial opportunities.

JCF has been a financial success for me.